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This white paper outlines the phases and strategies for the creation and development of Einstein Crypto, a community-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem based on the E=MC2 token. The project aims to establish a strong presence across social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram), build a robust community, and launch its native token. The paper also details the token distribution, funding allocation, and the milestones to achieve the development of the Einstein Crypto and the DeFiTimeZ websites. Emphasis is placed on transparency, inclusivity, and community governance throughout the project’s journey.

Phase 1: Establishing Social Media Presence and Building a Community

In the initial phase, Einstein Crypto and DeFiTimeZ will create and launch official channels on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to engage with the crypto community. Active community management, regular updates, and the incorporation of community feedback will be the core focus. The team will foster discussions, host AMAs, and organize giveaways to attract early adopters and supporters.

Phase 2: Launching the E=MC2 Token and Community Building

During this phase, the team will deploy the E=MC2 token on ETH blockchain . The total token supply is set at 100 billion. Of this, 3.5 billion tokens will be distributed to the four individuals who contributed 3.5 ETH for liquidity provision. An additional 5 billion tokens will be allocated for self-funding the project’s development and maintenance. Moreover, 10 billion tokens will be reserved for marketing initiatives to drive awareness and adoption. The team will hold 40 billion tokens to facilitate exchange listings, while 41.5 billion tokens will be added to the liquidity pool at the token’s launch.

Phase 3: Building DeFiTimeZ Website through Community Token Sale

Once the market capitalization (MC) of the E=MC2 token reaches $1 million, the project will conduct a token sale of 1 billion tokens at a price of 10K  USD. The proceeds from this sale will be used to develop the DeFiTimeZ website, which will serve as the central hub for the DeFi ecosystem. The website will include the download links for the Digital Magazine and it will host all the content from the magazines a week after the magazine goes out for SEO purposes.

Phase 4: Scaling DeFiTimeZ through Community Token Sale

Upon reaching an MC of $10 million, the project will hold another token sale, selling 1 billion tokens at a price of 100K USD. These funds will be utilized to further expand and enhance the DeFiTimeZ ecosystem, including the creation of the DeFiTimeZ Digital Magazine, partnerships, and community-driven initiatives.

Phase 5: Building the Einstein Crypto Website and Crypto Education

In this phase, the project will allocate funds from the token sales to develop the Einstein Crypto website. This website will serve as a comprehensive educational platform for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. The focus will be on creating beginner-friendly videos, tutorials, and articles to educate users about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, trading, wallet security, and other relevant topics. By providing accessible and reliable information, the Einstein Crypto website aims to empower new crypto enthusiasts and keep them safe from potential scams or pitfalls in the crypto space.

Phase 6: Expanding the Community and Increasing Content Reach

To achieve sustained growth and broader outreach, the project will prioritize community expansion. Engaging with existing members and attracting new participants will be paramount. The team will actively collaborate with influencers, crypto communities, and industry partners to promote the DeFiTimeZ ecosystem and the Einstein Crypto platform. With a growing audience, the project will generate more revenue through increased token adoption and ecosystem usage.

Phase 7: Hyper-Deflationary Mechanism and Token Buyback

In this phase, the project will implement a hyper-deflationary mechanism to enhance the scarcity of the E=MC2 token. All of the revenue generated from the ecosystem activities, such as advertising, will be allocated to token buybacks. The repurchased tokens will be burned, reducing the total supply and increasing the value of existing tokens. This deflationary approach aims to create a positive feedback loop, where increased token scarcity and utility drive demand and value for the E=MC2 token.

Phase 8: Expanding DeFi Offerings and Partnerships

With a strong community base and a well-established crypto education platform, the project will explore opportunities to expand its DeFi offerings. This could include the introduction of new products such as NFT marketplaces, decentralized lending platforms, or synthetic assets. Additionally, strategic partnerships with other DeFi projects, blockchain platforms, or real-world businesses will be pursued to foster collaboration and mutual growth.

Phase 9: Governance and Decentralization

As the community and ecosystem mature, the project will gradually transition towards decentralized governance. Token holders will have the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making processes, such as proposing and voting on new initiatives, upgrades, or changes to the protocol. By embracing decentralized governance, DeFiTimeZ aims to foster a sense of ownership and empower its community members to shape the future direction of the project.


By diligently executing the outlined phases and strategies, DeFiTimeZ aims to build a thriving, community-driven DeFi ecosystem centered around the E=MC2 token. Through educational efforts, community engagement, and a hyper-deflationary approach, the project seeks to establish itself as a reputable force in the DeFi space while contributing to the wider adoption and understanding of cryptocurrencies in the broader community

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Einstein Crypto

Einstein Crypto: Meme Coin Meets Education

Cryptocurrencies have been making headlines in recent years. With the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, people all around the world have been taking notice. However, despite the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, there are still many people who are unaware of how they work and the potential risks associated with them.

Enter Einstein Crypto, a new meme coin project that aims to educate people about cryptocurrencies while also providing a fun and engaging platform for investors. The team behind Einstein Crypto believes that by combining education with entertainment, they can help people make informed decisions about investing in cryptocurrencies.

The Einstein Crypto team is made up of experienced professionals from various fields, including finance, marketing, and technology. They have a deep understanding of the crypto market and the challenges that investors face. With this knowledge, they have created a platform that aims to make investing in cryptocurrencies more accessible and less intimidating for the average person.

The project is named after Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time. Einstein is famous for his groundbreaking work in physics and for his unique way of looking at the world.

The Einstein Crypto team hopes to embody his spirit of innovation and creativity in their approach to cryptocurrency investing.

So, how does the Einstein Crypto project work? The team has developed a meme coin that is designed to be both fun and informative. The coin is called E=MC², and it is based on the Ethereum Chain. It has a total supply of one hundred billion tokens,

The team are also creating a series of educational resources that are designed to help people learn about cryptocurrencies and the potential risks involved. These resources include articles, videos, and Spaces that cover topics such as blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and the psychology of investing.

Overall, the Einstein Crypto project is an exciting development in the world of cryptocurrencies. By combining education with entertainment, the team is helping to make investing in cryptocurrencies more accessible and less intimidating for the average person. With their innovative approach and strong community support, the Einstein Crypto team is poised to make a big impact in the crypto world and beyond.


Einstein Crypto’s tokenomics model 0% tax will be imposed Instead, the project will hold 5% of the supply to fund the creation of two full-scale media websites, for Einstein Video and the DeFi TimeZ

This means that every time you buy E=MC², you’re not only investing in a potentially profitable cryptocurrency, but you’re also contributing to the creation of a valuable educational resource for the entire crypto community. This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than just making a profit.

The team behind Einstein Crypto understands that education is essential for the widespread adoption and success of cryptocurrencies. With their media website, they aim to bridge the knowledge gap to beginners, providing valuable insights and information to help them make informed decisions when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, this model also promotes a sense of community and collaboration.

By contributing to the development of the media websites, investors become stakeholders in the project’s success. This creates a shared sense of ownership, and everyone benefits as the project grows.

In summary, the tokenomics model of Einstein Crypto is an exciting concept that could revolutionize the way we think about cryptocurrencies. With every transaction, you’re not just investing in a potential profit, but you’re also contributing to the growth of a valuable resource for the entire crypto community. This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than just making money. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the education and growth of an entire industry.

All advertising revenue from the DeFi TimeZ will go to Buy Back and Burn E=MC2 making it a deflationary token giving all community members a reason to hold it and sell over time.

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