PYRO Wants to Burn it All Down

PYRO Wants to Burn it All Down

Satoshi Knotabolo

PYRO Token, Social Network, Private Messenger, Ad Service, DEX, Dapps & More

PYRO Network, Token Review, Exchanges, & Airdrop Bot 2020

You’ll never hear me complain about deflation. Shrink my supply and let wall street dilute shares and inflate currencies. This hyper-deflation special does more than just value transfers, it aims to cast a bigger shadow.

PYRO Network is a series of future decentralized systems, all using the PYRO token as it’s native asset. A proposed social network is at the center, one with PYRO having a STEEM style utility.

A marketplace, connecting content creators, publishers, and advertisers is also planned for PYRO. The roadmap also lists a PYRO DEX, something that’s achievable and becoming a common token utility.

The team at PYRO has already started a staking dapp, with plans for a bigger dapp ecosystem to come. They recently released a privacy based messenger on android, for free. Only an email is required for sign up. PYRO is making many moves at once, they’ve also started a separate PYRO on Tron. (Not sure how I feel about this, it’s a form of dilution or inflation)

Their telegram is known for giveaways, and they’re currently doing a buzz bot bounty. Buzzin does a good job of offering social media tasks for payment in tokens, I’ve never had issue with them not paying.

1,000,000,000 Tokens was the max supply with a 2.5% burn and 2.5% dividend returned to holders. Over 135,000,000 PYRO have been destroyed. Price is at $0.0001 today and the token is traded on Uniswap, Token.Store, & one of my favorites Saturn.Network

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